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Like any other company, we have Terms and Conditions to guide us on how to conduct business with our clients.

It is important for a cleaning company to have such conditions to eradicate any confusion and disagreement before, during, or after the cleaning services. Some of our terms and conditions touch on the following areas:

  • For a general, one off cleaning service, the client allows the cleaner to access hot water and power. The client is also responsible for his or her own fragile items, which must be removed and secured during the service. We are not responsible for the removal of stubborn or permanent stains that cannot be removed by normal standards.
  • For end of tenancy cleaning, the client agrees to vacate the premises after cleaning. Cleaning charges in this case do not include walls, ceilings, curtains, balconies, carpets, or laundry services. Should the client need such services, Local Cleaners Richmond will charge for them separately.
  • The client agrees to pay 50% of our quoted fees in advance. The client, however, reserves the right to cancel the service within 24 hours of booking, upon which we will refund the deposit. For failure of notification within the stated time limit, the client forfeits the deposit. Our cleaning company has the right to charge cancellation fee of up to 100% of the quoted price.
  • Inspection: The client agrees to inspect the completed work immediately and raise any complaint as necessary. If you do not inspect the work immediately after completion, we cannot honor any complaints.
  • Clearance of fees: Upon completion of the work by the cleaner, the client agrees to clear the balance payment before the cleaner leaves his or her premises.
  • All of our domestic cleaners have public liability cover and the company is responsible for any claim that is raised appropriately for processing.
  • For carpet cleaning, we will not be responsible for old, stubborn stains that cannot be removed by normal washing. The company, however, notifies the client about such situations prior to beginning service.
  • Our cleaning firm provides all cleaning material and equipment, which are subject to a surcharge according to the cleaning prices provided by the cleaning company.

These Terms and Conditions are binding between Local Cleaners Richmond and any client that hires our services. Phone us for more details on 020 3912 1180.

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