Many people don’t understand or even realize that there are significant differences in how these materials are actually treated. The key concern when it comes to upholstery Cleaning Services Richmond is treating any kind of fabric without using too much water. Soaking and leaving fabrics in water is actually going to increase the changes that mould and/or bacteria grows on the fabric which can further release odours and even make it unusable all together.

Carpets are normally thick and more water is required to clean them. Therefore, you might need a specific type of applicator to clean it thoroughly. Whereas, upholstery is a much thinner material and could become too wet if good care is not taken throughout the cleaning session/treatment. Therefore, when dealing with various furniture, you could use a simple water/spray bottle.

Advantages of carpet cleaning:

1. Eliminates trapped pollutants

A filthy carpet can be an extremely bad thing for you and your family’s general health. Actually, studies have shown that it could retain all kinds of indoor air contaminants ranging from pet dander to dust. So, you should get your carpets expertly cleaned to help you eliminate them.

2. Prevent mould growth

If you live in a humid climate or area, your carpet is going to be at a much bigger risk to be exposed to excess moisture which can effectively result in mould growth. If you get your carpets expertly cleaned on a regular basis, you can stop this from happening.

Advantages of upholstery cleaning:

1. Appearance

Many people are amazed at the difference that upholstery cleaning can have on their old and new furniture. This type of cleaning could do miracles for your furniture appearance.

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